There are various places to find hair extensions

It is common belief that hair extensions are only used by black women, however that is quite untrue. In fact, many famous women celebrities opt for hair extensions and it has become quite popular among Caucasian (white) women.

There are many places that sell hair extensions and there are various types of hair extensions on the market at different prices. In South Africa many African women wear hair extensions to have a longer hairstyle and because they can manage it easier. However, natural hair especially afro textured hair has a very little maintenance to it except for having to keep it moisturised and afro textured hair is naturally curly, in other words it has a definite curl pattern. It can form either a “Z” or an “S” in the hair thread.

places to find hair extensionsSome hair salons specialize in the provision and insertion of various types of hair extensions. They can provide long, midi and short hair extensions of any texture however; specialized international hair salons usually cater for human hair extensions.

In the local townships, as well as places in and around cities, little hair salons that cater and specialize in afro textured hair also supply their clients with hair extensions. Customers can also get a cheaper synthetic type of hair extension that can clip into their own hair, similar to a weave or it can and is often sewn into the natural hair.
Hair extension clips can also be bought at certain hair accessory shops as well as wigs and ponytail pieces.

Human hair extensions are the best and can last for up to two years if taken proper care of. Hair extension prices vary for human and synthetic hair some prices are estimated as follows:

  • Premium human Indian 12 inch weft can cost around R900
  • 18 inch Brazilian virgin Remy weft can cost around R1 500
  • Clip in human hair extensions 8 pieces R310
  • Japanese synthetic hair extensions 21.3 inches R360

People can buy and order the hair extension of their choice online too and get it for a good price sometimes better than what they would pay for it at a hair salon or shop.