The Beauty of Hair Extensions (Hair Weaves)

Gone are the days when either celebrities or the ultra rich folk could only afford to have hair extensions or hair weaves done? Many stars in the early days were exposed for wearing hair extensions were embarrassed beyond words once exposed. It was considered over the top.

No longer, due to improvements in methods, technology and cost everybody who wants to can wear them. Those not born with luxurious hair can have them. One is able to change colours, style, length and volume to your heart’s content. In this fast day and age time spent on hair is out, here are some of the benefits of wearing hair extensions.

  • Maintenance is simple.

Just an important note, human hair versus synthetic hair extensions can offer more versatility in style. Both are pretty easy to care for. You must choose your preference. With our current hectic rushed lifestyles low easy maintenance is a must. Synthetic hair is ready styled, so it’s a case of a quick fluff, tidy and away you go.

  • Has protectiveness.

Hair extensions are braided to the natural hair, close to the scalp in what is called wefts. It is the “fake” hair that takes all the punishment from the any rollers, curling irons, blow dryers and elements like the sun. Sleeping cannot ruin things. Hair extensions are actually helpful for those with poor hair.

  • It doesn’t have to stay.

Hair extensions may be worn for one day or even up to two months. That’s the beauty of them; you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow if you want a change. It’s so adaptable that if you are not happy, you are able to get your hairdresser to change them or remove them.

  • Changes and experimentation is easy.

Without having to snip, perm or hassle with tongs, long or short the permutations are endless. How about a new colour or streaks? Hair extensions can do pretty much what you want.

With the advancements in techniques and special care to look stylish and different has never been so easy. None of us has time these days to devout hours to our hair. Budgets are also very tight. The sprays, the gels and all such various products can take a back seat.

Even those with natural hair are able to experiment with having a straight look. The need for relaxers or heat instruments can be avoided.


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