Strand by Strand Extensions

Who should use strand by strand or individual hair strands extensions?
People with very fine or thinning hair. This type of hair  extension looks the most natural and lasts very long whilst keeping damage to natural hair to a minimum.

Who should avoid strand by strand or individual hair strands extensions?

Anyone with very damaged, brittle or very dry hair.  This method could prove to be too extensive for people with damaged hair, causing the hair strands to be damaged even more.  If you have damaged hair but would love to add extensions to you hair, ask your hair stylist for a good treatment before attempting to bond extensions to your natural hair roots.

What are individual hair strand extensions all about?

These extensions come in 100 strand locks of human hair that is secured on top with a cap made from keratin protein polymer.  When you go to the salon, the hair stylist will bond the cap to your own hair with a special tool that looks almost like a pair of tongs.  The amount of pieces you will need in your cap depends on the thickness and length of your own hair.  Individual hair strand extensions come in sets of 50 and 100 pieces.

How long does it take to bond hair extensions to your own hair?

Adding hair extensions to your head is a lengthy process that can last anything from two to four hours.  Make sure of the time before you sit down in that stylist’s chair!

How can I maintain my individual hair strands?

The best way to care for hair extensions is to use silicone free products on them.  Silicone tends to loosen hair extension bonds and can cause them to fall out.  It is very important to deep-condition hair extensions but not at the bonds.  Extensions tend to tangle very easily, so it is imperative to brush them out gently at least twice daily. A boar-bristle paddle brush works best.

How long do hair extensions last?

Once your own hair starts growing out it will become easy to see where the extensions have been attached to your roots.  Your stylist should then use an alcohol based product to dissolve the individual hair strand bonds and then pull off each extension.


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