Latest Hair Style Trends

The latest trend amongst hair styles is short hair, not only is it easier to maintain there is just so much you can do with it! Scores of celebrities are rocking the short hair look this season from Emma Watson with her pixie hair style to Charlize Theron with her boy cut even Beyonce sports a bob style.

But before you start chopping away at your hair it may be a good idea to consult a professional hair stylist for one simple reason we all have different shaped faces, some have round shaped faces other have heart shaped faces there are even some with long oval shaped faces. What I am trying to say is different cuts for different shapes! A professional will also look at individual hair strands to determine if it is capable of sustaining the look you want for example fine hair that is prone to breakage is difficult to work with.

As woman we are impulsive and make spur of the moment decisions, so if you do end up making a mistake you could always opt for some hair extensions or even a wig. Personally I find the idea of a wig quite micro-link-applicationappealing if you have an energetic personality you sport a different hair style everyday of the week, the modern hair extensions and wigs we have today are made up of real individual hair strands. When the hair is sourced the individual hair strands are sorted and placed in groups to be treated and essentially made into hair extensions and wigs.

Although it is important to note that you cannot dye extensions and wigs with normal over the counter hair dye, it damages the individual hair strands causing them to break. The dye process needs to be done by professionals to ensure a quality product.