Have a natural colour hair thread

Grey hair is something most people find hard to get use to especially if they still feeling and looking young and going grey prematurely is a rare but true fact and thus people resort to hair colouring.

hair threadHair colouring products are very popular and there will probably always be a market for them. The first hair colour could easily date back to ancient Egyptian times, as the Egyptians were known to make use of as well as create their own make up and jewelry. History show that Egyptians even use to style and cut their hair which clearly proves them to have been the earliest fashion trend setters of mankind. Today hair colouring is used for a number of reasons. Some people prefer changing the colour of their hair every now and again to give themselves a fresh look for the year or season.
There are various hair colours to choose from some of them are permanent meaning exactly what the name says “permanent” and the only way to change it is too re-colour or simply let it grow out. The complex mixture of chemicals used to make a permanent hair colour is what makes it able to remain, despite the number of washes. Semi permanent hair colour is a coulour that typically last longer than regular non-permanent hair colour but not “forever” as permanent hair dye.
Natural hair colours are usually dyed according to their natural shade of colour for example a light shade or pale blond person would dye their hair a darker blond. Those with darker coloured hair would perhaps go for a lighter brown or mahogany, however sometimes for people with very dark hair that want to go a few shades lighter, they have to have their hair lightened before dying it the actual colour of choice.
To help maintain new hair colour, companies manufactured various hair colour products such as shampoos, conditioners, mousses and many more.
Some hair colours contain peroxides and ammonia, which can be very damaging to hair so it is best to go with organic, herbal hair colours, or with colour that state “No ammonia” on the box.