Hair Styles and Malaysian weft hair

Weaving through the options

One of the most popular organic hair options available today is Malaysian weaves. Coming in shades of darkest brown to sheer black, their luxurious thickness and shiny sheen mean that Malaysian weft hair is strong and durable. They are therefore able to hold curls and colours exceptionally well, leaving you open to experiment, all without damaging your own precious locks.

One of the first questions people find themselves asking when they approach the subject of hair extensions for the first time is where does it come from? There are obviously some differences, depending on the style or “brand” of hair you choose.

In many cases, particularly with Malaysian hair, the hair is gathered and sold when the donor has their hair combed out. In other instances the donors – who are often found in the most rural areas of Malaysia – are well compensated for their hair which they cut off in a ponytail to give the best quality hair, with minimal knots and with all the hair flowing in the same direction – root to tip. Malaysian weft hair

Hair taken from a single donor, that is devoid of harmful chemicals or colouring is known as ‘virgin’ hair and is the most sought after variety, fetching the highest prices across the market.

Despite all the various advantages or Malaysian Weft hair, perhaps the most valuable is its durability, making your styling regime easy without prematurely damaging your hair.