Hair extensions – clip on or glue in?

You’ve got choices galore when it comes to getting your hair extensions done and this is not just in the type of hair you choose, but also in how it is put onto your head. Many women struggle to decide on a method of getting Indian weft hair or Brazilian weft hair and eventually just let their stylists take over, but a woman in the know is a woman who doesn’t spend days in pain after getting her hair done.


Some stylists choose clip-in individual hair strands. This is not a permanent solution since the hair is literally clipped onto other strands of hair to create the illusion of fullness. Bonding or gluing hair extensions is a more common method of working. How do you it? Well, a latex of silicone glue is used to glue the weft hair onto your natural hair. Fusion is a similar method, but requires melting the glue to bond the hair extension to the natural hair. Finally, we have tracking, when the natural hair is braided and a weave sewn into those braids. This method is the most painful, since the tight braids may pull on the scalp and start to itch. This is not a great option unless you have been involved in tracking since childhood.