Care for short hair

The latest fashion trend is short hair! From celebrities to everyday Jane’s, everybody seems to be embracing the short hair do. Which is great there is so much you can do with short hair, add some hair extensions for a dramatic layered look or a Brazilian weave if you are fed up with your short do. The only trouble is it starts of well and then after a while an attitude of “short hair don’t care” is adapted.

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Here are some tips on caring for short hair!

Don’t wash your hair every day, unlike common belief short hair requires just as much care as long hair. Because your hair is short you stand the risk of it becoming dry and frizzy, to avoid this from happening use a quality shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated to fight frizz and nourish hair.

Don’t blow dry short hair or any hair for that matter, not only is the heat bad but blow drying short hair will make it frizz so you end up looking more like a French poodle than a diva.

Unfortunately most short hair styles require the use of styling products to achieve the look you want. This in itself is not too bad as long as you keep it to a minimum and never leave styling products in your hair over night.

If possible give your hair time to breath by not using any styling products once or twice a week! Most styling products can be rinsed out with clean water without having to wash your hair. As a trendy alternative to styling products opt for alternatives such as hair bands, hair clips, head bands and jaw clips.

Short hair requires a lot of commitment it can look great as long as you take care and maintain it. For proper short hair care advice consult with the experts at Diva Devine