The Brazilian Knot

As the name implies, the Brazilian knot is a method of installing hair extensions that originated in Brazil. It is also know by other terms as well such as the Italian Knot technique or elastic fusion. It is very popular around the world and is great for giving a real hair look to those with the extensions installed in their heads.

Brazilian Knot is a technique that is used on hair extensions that are strand-by-strand. A special thread technique is used to install them securely onto the head. This, therefore, means that there is the elimination of the risk of damage to hair that is caused by other installation techniques such as gluing and taping. No other substances are put onto the head to secure the extensions except for the elastic thread.

The benefits of Brazilian Knot hair extensions do not end there. In addition to the above, this technique allows for very small installations of hair at a time. The person can, thus, choose how much of the strand-by-strand extensions they want and prevent the extensions from showing to the naked eye. They will look a lot more natural than other types of extensions and allow you to style your hair in different ways. They are also light and so do not pull the hair or scalp the way glue does.

It is much healthier for your hair to use the Brazilian Knot method of installation. The fact that no glue or tape is used to install the strands and only elastic thread means there is no danger of real hair being yanked off when the extensions are being removed later on. Also, the removal process is much easier and so, you could even do it at home by simply snipping off the elastic thread.

Finding a good hairstylist who knows how to use the Brazilian knot method properly is important for ensuring the best results when using this method. However, it is important to note that it is a very time consuming method of installation. It can take between 4 hours and 10 hours depending on several factors such as the speed of the hair stylist and the amount of extensions you want to put into your hair.

Brazilian Knot hair extensions can last for between 3 or 4 months depending on how quickly the person hair grows.

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Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Hair extensions come as a shining light in the darkness of short, limp hair. Hair extensions or hair clusters made from good quality human hair, such as Indian hair, does wonders for the appearance of short hairstyles. Of course, if your hair is exceptionally short, you would need to ensure that you enlist the help of a reputable and professional hair stylist to attach your hair extensions. The reason for this is that it is not easy to attach hair extensions to very short hair and keep them looking natural.

Choosing the right hair extensions is crucial for people with very short hair. The first thing to do is to find good quality hair extensions that will last long. Secondly, the scalp hair has to be thick enough to conceal the attachments of the hair extensions. Attaching Indian hair extensions could prove to be the best thing to do, as Indian hair is very thick and can help conceal attachments.

It is very important to choose the absolute correct colour of extensions. If you choose a colour that is even just slightly lighter or darker than your own natural hair, it will be plainly seen that you are wearing hair extensions. The whole purpose of hair extensions is to provide a natural look. Make sure that you dye your extensions the exact same colour as your hair before attaching them to your head. Never use dye on cheap extensions as they will become damaged. Always make sure to only use dye on quality extensions made from Indian hair.

For really short hair, glue-in and fusion extensions are much more suitable and preferable. Always keep in mind however, that amateur hair stylists will not be able to conceal the weft portion or extension portions of hair extensions. For this reason it is extremely important to make use of the services of a professional only. Also keep in mind that these extensions are the most expensive out of the options available.

Hair extensions are meant to make natural hair look great! No matter what length or current hairstyle, hair extensions are bound to make a noticeable difference. Find out from your stylist where you can obtain the best Indian hair extensions. Most of the time stylists are able to order them and some even keep them in stock. Stylists will also be able to advise as to which hair dyes are most suited for hair extensions as well as which shampoos and conditioners to use on them.

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Why Choose Indian Remy Hair

Remy hair is the best kind of hair one can acquire and it comes from India. Remy hair is used for the finest hair extensions and Indian weft hair is also used for hair extensions.  There are various kinds and types of Indian Remy hair and in this article we will be taking a look at the various types of hair available.

Remy hair vs Non-Remy hair

Remy Hair
Remy hair has the cuticles on each strand attached none of these strands are off base and point in the exact same direction. Remy hair has more of a shine and a beautiful, soft texture than other forms of hair extensions.

Non-Remy Hair
Non Remy hair does not have straight cuticles (aligned in one direction like Remy hair has) but with some effort the cuticles will be wiped out. Although non-Remy hair may have a little bit more shine in general it will tangle substantially more than Remy hair.

Single Drawn Hair
Single Drawn hair is from an individual hair strand donor. The greater part of hair in the market is Single Drawn hair.

Double Drawn Hair
Double Drawn hair is from various donors. Double Drawn hair substantially more expensive as the hairs have been cut to the same length.

Raw Virgin Hair
Raw Virgin hair is shaved off 14-18 year old Hindu girls and this ceremony takes place at the Vestial temple renunciation ceremony. Because of this, Raw Virgin hair is more expensive than most other hair types.

Virgin Hair
This is hair that has never been chemically processed. Virgin hair comes in grades, from A – B – C. Remy hair only uses A-Grade hair.


Remy hair is processed in a light chemical and is made safe for the client and causes no damage on the hair.
Don’t fret even over processed hair will return to its natural state eventually. Should the hair not return to its natural state, it will be a clear indication that the hair is a synthetic mix.

Keep in mind Indian Remy hair will last for an average of 6 to 9 months provided it is cared for properly (it is not recommended that Remy hair be left in for more than 90 days) cleaning and conditioning is vital.

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Strand by Strand Extensions

Who should use strand by strand or individual hair strands extensions?
People with very fine or thinning hair. This type of hair  extension looks the most natural and lasts very long whilst keeping damage to natural hair to a minimum.

Who should avoid strand by strand or individual hair strands extensions?

Anyone with very damaged, brittle or very dry hair.  This method could prove to be too extensive for people with damaged hair, causing the hair strands to be damaged even more.  If you have damaged hair but would love to add extensions to you hair, ask your hair stylist for a good treatment before attempting to bond extensions to your natural hair roots.

What are individual hair strand extensions all about?

These extensions come in 100 strand locks of human hair that is secured on top with a cap made from keratin protein polymer.  When you go to the salon, the hair stylist will bond the cap to your own hair with a special tool that looks almost like a pair of tongs.  The amount of pieces you will need in your cap depends on the thickness and length of your own hair.  Individual hair strand extensions come in sets of 50 and 100 pieces.

How long does it take to bond hair extensions to your own hair?

Adding hair extensions to your head is a lengthy process that can last anything from two to four hours.  Make sure of the time before you sit down in that stylist’s chair!

How can I maintain my individual hair strands?

The best way to care for hair extensions is to use silicone free products on them.  Silicone tends to loosen hair extension bonds and can cause them to fall out.  It is very important to deep-condition hair extensions but not at the bonds.  Extensions tend to tangle very easily, so it is imperative to brush them out gently at least twice daily. A boar-bristle paddle brush works best.

How long do hair extensions last?

Once your own hair starts growing out it will become easy to see where the extensions have been attached to your roots.  Your stylist should then use an alcohol based product to dissolve the individual hair strand bonds and then pull off each extension.


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The Beauty of Hair Extensions (Hair Weaves)

Gone are the days when either celebrities or the ultra rich folk could only afford to have hair extensions or hair weaves done? Many stars in the early days were exposed for wearing hair extensions were embarrassed beyond words once exposed. It was considered over the top.

No longer, due to improvements in methods, technology and cost everybody who wants to can wear them. Those not born with luxurious hair can have them. One is able to change colours, style, length and volume to your heart’s content. In this fast day and age time spent on hair is out, here are some of the benefits of wearing hair extensions.

  • Maintenance is simple.

Just an important note, human hair versus synthetic hair extensions can offer more versatility in style. Both are pretty easy to care for. You must choose your preference. With our current hectic rushed lifestyles low easy maintenance is a must. Synthetic hair is ready styled, so it’s a case of a quick fluff, tidy and away you go.

  • Has protectiveness.

Hair extensions are braided to the natural hair, close to the scalp in what is called wefts. It is the “fake” hair that takes all the punishment from the any rollers, curling irons, blow dryers and elements like the sun. Sleeping cannot ruin things. Hair extensions are actually helpful for those with poor hair.

  • It doesn’t have to stay.

Hair extensions may be worn for one day or even up to two months. That’s the beauty of them; you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow if you want a change. It’s so adaptable that if you are not happy, you are able to get your hairdresser to change them or remove them.

  • Changes and experimentation is easy.

Without having to snip, perm or hassle with tongs, long or short the permutations are endless. How about a new colour or streaks? Hair extensions can do pretty much what you want.

With the advancements in techniques and special care to look stylish and different has never been so easy. None of us has time these days to devout hours to our hair. Budgets are also very tight. The sprays, the gels and all such various products can take a back seat.

Even those with natural hair are able to experiment with having a straight look. The need for relaxers or heat instruments can be avoided.


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