Hair extensions – clip on or glue in?

You’ve got choices galore when it comes to getting your hair extensions done and this is not just in the type of hair you choose, but also in how it is put onto your head. Many women struggle to decide on a method of getting Indian weft hair or Brazilian weft hair and eventually just let their stylists take over, but a woman in the know is a woman who doesn’t spend days in pain after getting her hair done.


Some stylists choose clip-in individual hair strands. This is not a permanent solution since the hair is literally clipped onto other strands of hair to create the illusion of fullness. Bonding or gluing hair extensions is a more common method of working. How do you it? Well, a latex of silicone glue is used to glue the weft hair onto your natural hair. Fusion is a similar method, but requires melting the glue to bond the hair extension to the natural hair. Finally, we have tracking, when the natural hair is braided and a weave sewn into those braids. This method is the most painful, since the tight braids may pull on the scalp and start to itch. This is not a great option unless you have been involved in tracking since childhood.

How your hair can change your life!

You’ve heard it said countless times before: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Bla bla bla etc. But what do you do when life hands you horrible hair? Well, you do what the celebrities do of course. You get hair extensions!
Of course not just any extensions. You can choose between real Indian hair extensions, Indian weft hair extensions and Brazilian weft hair extensions. Now you can truly brag with a head of hair that looks like it should star in its own shampoo commercial.
And don’t think you’re limited to long, straight individual strands either. Hair extensions have come a really long way, so that you can now choose between wavy, curly, straight, long and short extensions.
Curly or wavy extensions are best when they are of the Indian kind. Indian weft hair / Indian hair extensions are very much in demand all over the world because of its exceptional quality, durability and strength. Perhaps even more importantly, they don’t come in just dark brown or black either. These extensions can be dyed in any colour to fit your every whim and mood.
When it comes to having luscious curly hair that shines under any form of lighting, then Brazilian weft hair extensions is the answer. These extensions are usually very curly, much more so than Indian weft extensions. They are also attached to your individual hair strands to give you a very natural look. For straight hair, Brazilian extensions are also very popular. Brazilian extensions can also be dyed in any colour, but it is not recommended as it might dry the hair out and cause it to frizz.
No outfit can truly be complete without amazing hair and a great hairstyle to accompany it. So if you truly want to have a life-changing experience every day, get yourself some quality hair extensions and change your look forever.

Hair Strands

Have you ever heard one of those ridiculous old wives tales that say that if you want to promote hair growth you need to brush your hair one hundred times on either side using only a soft bristle brush and only on a Sunday, no doubt if you have you should know by now it doesn’t really work. There are only two ways to achieve the beautiful hair, the first is to spend countless hours as well as a substantial amount of cash and the second is to invest in a Diva Divine hair products.

Diva Divine hair is gathered by selecting individual hair strands from pure virgin donors some of the products are sourced from Indian hair and gathered directly from the virgin donor’s head at Hindu temples making them that much more valuable. Products that are available from Diva Divine include Brazilian weft hair, Indian weft hair, wigs and clip-on’s any one of these products can add instant length and volume to hair, unlike cheaper alternatives that shed and become matted, Diva Divine’s clip ones and Indian weft hair carries a longevity time period of 6 months to 24 plus months depending on the type of product and the aftercare that is applied. With these quality hair extensions there is no more silly rituals that don’t work there’s only thick luscious hair that looks exactly the way you want it to.

Peruvian Hair

No doubt the majority of woman today have heard of hair extensions and may have at one stage entertained the idea of acquiring some hair extensions. The trouble is the substandard products that are available on the market (not only do they look terrible more often than not the colour doesn’t match and few days after installation the product starts to shed and become matted) is not the elegant look these ladies had in mind.

I recently found myself in the same predicament after spending a life time with long straight hair. I longed for a different look, hesitant to make the change and later regret it I started looking for other options I then learned about Diva Divine products. I was really spoilt for choice they offer everything from clip-on’s to wigs and even hair extensions and they supply their products to beauty and hair salons all across South Africa.

The thing that caught my eye and really got me interested is the fact that they use virgin hair which is sourced from virgin Indian hair as well as several other sources i.e. Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair and Peruvian hair. Diva Divine’s hair products are made up of individual hair strands to ensure a quality product that has equal length making it easy to style. My search was over and I had the perfect solution, I could invest in a quality wig which I could wear any time I want a new look and still have my original look intact.

Hair Styles

Hair styles, it would seem there is a new one around every corner and some famous celebrity behind it trying to make a bold statement. Take for instance the “Choppy Lob” style sported by Rihanna, first the style shocked people then stylist could keep up with the demands, but let’s face it that particular style isn’t meant for everyone. There is a certain look and attitude that is needed to pull it off. The same can be said for most hair styles, you need a certain shape face and a certain type of hair and so on and so forth.

Hair StylesFortunately for us woman there is scores of products on the market to ensure that we have a beautiful head of hair everything from gels, mousses, hair sprays, frizz control hair tinting, colouring products, and even hair extensions to help add volume and length. Most woman find the idea of hair extensions very unappealing, this is probably due to the substandard hair extensions that was available a couple of years ago. It was only good for one thing making a terrible tangled mess, now however we have top quality products of the market such as Indian weft hair and Brazilian weft hair which is made of real hair or individual hair strands to be exact. The hair is thoroughly inspected and sorted to ensure a quality product that won’t tangle or become matted.  As woman we are impulsive and jump into a decision before thoroughly thinking it through and then end up having regrets, so before definitively deciding on that bob or pixie hair style speak to a stylist about the options available to you, also if you have short or problematic hair and decide to use hair extensions make sure you use a trained stylist this way you know you will be receiving a quality product as well as quality service.