Choose Popular Malaysian Weft Hair

When it comes to hair extensions, many people prefer Malaysian weft hair for obvious reasons. Millions of people around the world envy Malaysians for their beautifully thick and luscious manes and covet their seamlessly effortless and full tresses. Thanks to cutting edge hair extension technology you can now afford to make your dreams a reality.

Today, Malaysian weft hair is available at affordable and accessible rates. When performed professionally, you can look forward to enjoying the many benefits that weft hair has to offer for years to come. A quality weave is certainly an investment and you can enjoy great returns on your investment when you partner with a leading supplier.


Don’t Compromise – Choose Malaysian Weft Hair

Don’t compromise on the quality of your weave. By choosing a professional and reputable supplier of weft hair, you can all the great benefits that this hair solution has to offer. It always pays to partner with a reputable supplier.

You can now finally pull off the full and luscious look that you’ve always been after. Thanks to cutting edge technology, it has become more accessible and affordable to people from all economic backgrounds and walks of life. It is no longer only accessible to the rich, as many more South Africans are enjoying its incredible benefits. So choose quality Malaysian weaves and style your hair in many of today’s hottest trends with ease.

Hair Styles and Malaysian weft hair

Weaving through the options

One of the most popular organic hair options available today is Malaysian weaves. Coming in shades of darkest brown to sheer black, their luxurious thickness and shiny sheen mean that Malaysian weft hair is strong and durable. They are therefore able to hold curls and colours exceptionally well, leaving you open to experiment, all without damaging your own precious locks.

One of the first questions people find themselves asking when they approach the subject of hair extensions for the first time is where does it come from? There are obviously some differences, depending on the style or “brand” of hair you choose.

In many cases, particularly with Malaysian hair, the hair is gathered and sold when the donor has their hair combed out. In other instances the donors – who are often found in the most rural areas of Malaysia – are well compensated for their hair which they cut off in a ponytail to give the best quality hair, with minimal knots and with all the hair flowing in the same direction – root to tip. Malaysian weft hair

Hair taken from a single donor, that is devoid of harmful chemicals or colouring is known as ‘virgin’ hair and is the most sought after variety, fetching the highest prices across the market.

Despite all the various advantages or Malaysian Weft hair, perhaps the most valuable is its durability, making your styling regime easy without prematurely damaging your hair.

Care for short hair

The latest fashion trend is short hair! From celebrities to everyday Jane’s, everybody seems to be embracing the short hair do. Which is great there is so much you can do with short hair, add some hair extensions for a dramatic layered look or a Brazilian weave if you are fed up with your short do. The only trouble is it starts of well and then after a while an attitude of “short hair don’t care” is adapted.

hair colour

Here are some tips on caring for short hair!

Don’t wash your hair every day, unlike common belief short hair requires just as much care as long hair. Because your hair is short you stand the risk of it becoming dry and frizzy, to avoid this from happening use a quality shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated to fight frizz and nourish hair.

Don’t blow dry short hair or any hair for that matter, not only is the heat bad but blow drying short hair will make it frizz so you end up looking more like a French poodle than a diva.

Unfortunately most short hair styles require the use of styling products to achieve the look you want. This in itself is not too bad as long as you keep it to a minimum and never leave styling products in your hair over night.

If possible give your hair time to breath by not using any styling products once or twice a week! Most styling products can be rinsed out with clean water without having to wash your hair. As a trendy alternative to styling products opt for alternatives such as hair bands, hair clips, head bands and jaw clips.

Short hair requires a lot of commitment it can look great as long as you take care and maintain it. For proper short hair care advice consult with the experts at Diva Devine

Latest Hair Style Trends

The latest trend amongst hair styles is short hair, not only is it easier to maintain there is just so much you can do with it! Scores of celebrities are rocking the short hair look this season from Emma Watson with her pixie hair style to Charlize Theron with her boy cut even Beyonce sports a bob style.

But before you start chopping away at your hair it may be a good idea to consult a professional hair stylist for one simple reason we all have different shaped faces, some have round shaped faces other have heart shaped faces there are even some with long oval shaped faces. What I am trying to say is different cuts for different shapes! A professional will also look at individual hair strands to determine if it is capable of sustaining the look you want for example fine hair that is prone to breakage is difficult to work with.

As woman we are impulsive and make spur of the moment decisions, so if you do end up making a mistake you could always opt for some hair extensions or even a wig. Personally I find the idea of a wig quite micro-link-applicationappealing if you have an energetic personality you sport a different hair style everyday of the week, the modern hair extensions and wigs we have today are made up of real individual hair strands. When the hair is sourced the individual hair strands are sorted and placed in groups to be treated and essentially made into hair extensions and wigs.

Although it is important to note that you cannot dye extensions and wigs with normal over the counter hair dye, it damages the individual hair strands causing them to break. The dye process needs to be done by professionals to ensure a quality product.

Rocking your new hairstyle

How to care for Indian weft hair

Indian weft hair is the most versatile of hair extensions; you can style it, curl it and even colour it. And if taken care of, you can re-use it for up to two years. You may be wondering how to go about taking care of your extensions so that they last longer. If you are a first time user of Indian weft hair, then, here are a few helpful hints on how to care for your hair.

Indian Hair

• Make sure you wash your hair once or twice a week using high quality, low PH shampoos and conditioners.
• Once a week you should have an intense moisturising treatment.
• Always allow your Indian weft hair to dry, if you feel it will take too long a hair dryer set to medium heat will also work, but only allow it to dry halfway and allow the rest to air dry.
• Never rub your hair aggressively with a towel in order to dry it, this causes damage to the hair and also to the plaits underneath and it won’t last long.
• Once dry, section the hair and brush the hair from bottom to top using short strokes. It is recommended that you use either a paddle brush or a wide toothed comb or even use your finger to brush through the hair.
• For glossy hair, use a water based silicon serum or mousse
• When going to bed at night, loosely braid sections of the hair and wrap with a silk scarf or bonnet. This prevents tangling during the night.
• Make sure your scalp is well oiled to prevent itching.

If you follow these instructions you will have glossy, smooth hair for longer.