4 Tips for Healthy Hair

Beautiful Healthy Hair

tips for healthy hairEvery woman wants beautiful, shiny, healthy hair.  The saying goes that a woman’s hair is her crown and there’s nothing better than a sparkling crown.  It’s not always easy to keep hair looking as healthy as possible, however.  If you are struggling to keep you hair in tip-top shape, follow these easy tips and you see the difference in your hair in no time:


  • Choose your hair care products with care. If you have oily hair you need to choose a quality shampoo and conditioner range meant for use on oily hair.  If you choose hair products that don’t coincide with your hair type, you could exacerbate existing problems.  Also make sure that you choose a product that won’t overly dry out your scalp while trying to get rid of the excess oil in your hair.  There are many great hair salons in Joburg that can recommend hair products for your specific needs.


  • Keep in mind that wigs made of human hair needs to undergo the same treatment and care as the hair growing from your head.  There are several 100% human hair wigs to choose from and these are very costly.  All the more reason to look after them properly.


  • Don’t wash your hair too often. Obviously you need to wash your hair regularly, but don’t wash it every day.  Over-washing can cause essential oils to be stripped from your hair causing it to become damaged and brittle.  Also make sure that you don’t use scalding hot water to wash and rinse your hair in as this will also cause your hair to dry out.  You don’t want to have to end up wearing a lace front wig!


  • Don’t blow-dry your hair into oblivion. Everyone knows by now that excessive hair-drying and blow-drying causes damage to hair structure.  If you cannot do without blow-drying your hair, don’t put the dryer on the warmest setting and keep it far enough from your scalp to minimise damage.  Also don’t blow-dry your hair completely, let the natural air dry the last of the dampness. The same applies to Indian hair wigs.  If you have a preference for wigs and are fond of wearing Indian hair wigs, always remember that the hair dries out fast if blow-dried excessively.


  • Eat right. Eating healthy foods is not only meant to keep your bones strong and your skin healthy.  The right food, rich in minerals, proteins and vitamin, do wonders for hair as well.  The best types of food to eat to improve the look and health of hair is fish, fresh fruit and vegetables and lean meat such as chicken or turkey.  NB:  Eating healthy won’t do anything for your weave or weft, but nonetheless, it’s still important to do so!